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A different timeline? Thats….really? Well it would make sense why everything is so different I guess…

/Rise shook her head, it was getting more difficult to think clearly.

This is so confusing….and Himiko is making it hard to think… see….I don’t know about…these other Rises but I can’t turn my persona abilities off. I can hear everyones thoughts and feelings and it makes it hard to focus sometimes. I’m use to it though so don’t worry….

/Different timelines, other Rises, all this was confusing her more. The thoughts continued to get louder; her stress was making it worse. Rise stepped back a bit from Yosuke, feeling his concern for her radiating from his mind. This was a very different Yosuke indeed; a more open one.

W-Why concerned about me? I…I’m nothing to be concerned about.

I’m f-fine. This isn’t something you can fix anyway….its getting too loud here….come on Himiko…cut it out…..

/Suddenly she gasped, the voices drowned out any coherent thoughts. Her eyes when out of focus like she was in a trance; she dropped to her knees shaking. She was muttering something involving voices and the presences of death. But its hard to make out what she’s saying in detail because she’s speaking very quietly.


Rise! Rise what’s wrong!

>He grabbed the shaken girl by the shoulders and tried to get her to answer him. 

Rise-chan, get a hold of yourself!

>A sharp pain ran through Yosuke’s head causing him severe dizziness. It must have been Himiko’s doing, Rise has once told her of this ability, but to actually feel it was something he could have done without. Despite it, he still kept his grip on his friend’s double. 

J-Just calm down…you have to…

>Another wave hit him, this one was stronger than the last. He still refused to let go, so he wrapped his arms around her as he continued with his encouragement. 

Please Rise…chan…try…

/In the distance she could hear someone saying her name.


/Suddenly Himiko listened, her mental fit broke. Rise was snapped back into reality. The thoughts had quieted down. She was breathing heavily, her head hurt and she was still shaking a little. She realized Yosuke was hugging her; she could not decide whether or not to pull away. The desire for affection was overrided her worry over embarrassing herself so she didn’t. Not that it mattered, she had a mental fit in front of one of her senpais. Again. She was quite embarrassed already.

God can’t I do anything right?

S-Sorry…I’m ok now….that happens sometimes. The thoughts overwhelm me a-and I lose control….

/She wanted to hug him back, to cry, and tell all the voices to go away but she couldn’t bring herself to do so. She didn’t want him to think badly of her; to think she was clingy. Yet she couldn’t pull herself away.

I….she didn’t hurt you right? Sometimes when I get these um…mental fits Himiko attacks anyone who’s near by. I’m so sorry if I scared you….I’ll be alright in a minute. I just need to um relax and um I’ll be ok.

/She figured he leave; who would stay with a girl that can’t control her powers? Maybe Souji….but Yosuke wouldn’t stay. He had no reason to….but the reading she was getting from his thoughts said otherwise. She spoke her disbelief without thinking.

W-Why? You….you aren’t going to leave?

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