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whoopasstime’s presence has appeared.





/Rise had no idea who this person was, but Himiko was sensing a persona. This weirded her out even more. She decided to play it cool and smiled politely at this person.

Hello I’m Rise, it is nice to meet you.

-In front of her, a young girl with a gloomy face appeared. Her presence was strange, more like two persons instead of one, but, no matter how much she looked around, the street was empty.

Well, well, Miss Rise, it’s nice to meet you too. My name is Maya Amano, how are you?

I’m alright Maya-san, thank you for asking.

/Rise could feel the positiveness radiating out from this woman. It was refreshing to be around something like that.

Oh its alright if I call you Maya-san right? I don’t want to be rude.

I’m glad you are alrigth, then! And yes, you can call me like that. It’s okay then if I  call you Rise-Chan? You look very sweet. 

-No. The presence was not dangerous. It seemed more like the girl’s protector than anything, and it comforted her in some way. For some reason, the young seemed sad, but thanks to the guardian was able to keep going.

Say, how are you?

Yes you can call me Rise-chan, lots of people call me that. And thank you.

As long as it isn’t Risette you can call me anything…

/Rise raised an eyebrow at the woman’s concern coming from her thoughts. Why does she want to help her? Although Rise sensed nothing unusual except for the persona she did not want to trust Maya just yet.

Wait persona?!

/Himiko wasn’t mistaken, Maya had a persona. Rise decided to play it cool and not say anything about. She didn’t want to come off as weird.

Like I said I’m fine….just a bit tired.