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/At first Rise did not even register that Chie was talking to her or even touching her. She looked like she was in a trance.

Its so loud….why won’t it stop? Voicewon’tstopIcan’ttakeitDeathiscloseStopHimikoithurts.

/Suddenly her mental fit broke and she snapped back to reality. She realized Chie was right in front of her with her hands on her shoulders. Rise was breathing heavily, like she had been running.

S-Sorry t-that happens sometimes….everything just gets too overwhelming and I get lost. I’m sorry if I scared you…I’m ok…ugh.

/She rubbed her head, embarrassed she went into a mental fit in front of one of her senpai. She tried to change the subject.

Did you um ask me something?

“I asked What is ‘Midnight Hour’, but you seem to be out of it,” Chie stated. “Wait were you in my head a moment ago?” Chie asked before Rise could answer the first one. She had to ask this Rise so many questions, but she wasn’t sure how much time she had. 

Chie let go of Rise’s shoulders and reached a hand out for help. She could tell Rise needed it, and she was glad to. With her hand still out Chie was trying not to think as much as she was so she could get a straight answer out of Rise, but thinking about not thinking was keeping her thinking. “Gah,” Chie quietly spoke to herself.

/Rise stared at the offering hand for a minute as though she could not believe it was being offered.

Um thank you… 

/Then she took it and let Chie help her up. She was a bit dizzy at first but her mind cleared or at least as clear as it could be with peoples thoughts contanly in her mind. She took a breath before answering the question.

Um the Midnight Hour is a time between 12am and 1am when people freeze in time, everything turns yellow and shadows come out. We don’t freeze during that time. We fight shadows to keep them from harming people. Thats the gist of it.

/She found herself looking at the ground.

Yeah I was, I wasn’t trying to go in very far but Himiko wasn’t listening and jumped in too deep. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to….please don’t be mad at me…

“Of course not, but ask me before going through my head again,” Chie said trying to soften the moment. Of course she wasn’t mad, she was a bit irritated at the fact not she seen some of her thoughts. Chie couldn’t help but think about this midnight hour, Rise got her persona different then hers. So this couldn’t of been the Rise Teddie saved in the TV world. “Hey Rise, do you think its possible that your not from this universe?” Chie spoke out again, clueless of what she was speaking of. The look on her face even expressed that she didn’t even know what she was talking about. 

But before Rise could speak Chie spoke. “What did I say something?”

/Rise was relieved that Chie wasn’t mad but she still looked at the ground feeling embarrassed.

Yeah I’ll ask next time….

/She looked back up quickly at Chie’s thought of her being from another universe.

Maybe….that would make sense why everything is so different. But I don’t even know how I got here…or why I’m here.

/Rise smiled a little, more relaxed because she had a better idea of what was going on.

Heh you can come up with pretty good theories senpai.