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/Rise found a familiar presence.

Oh Yosuke-senpai! How are you?

/She felt wary, Yosuke’s mind also felt strange to her.

Um senpai I know this sounds silly but does Inaba feel…different to you?

Yosuke smiled in greeting as Rise approached him, always happy to see the bright young starlet. Only…

Did she look a little more tired than usual? He supposed she’d stayed up late catching up on work and said nothing.

“Different? How? Seems alright to me… You aren’t sensing Shadows, are you?”

Uh no not shadows…just people as usual. Maybe I’m just imagining it….

/She shifted uncomfortably, despite her words she still could not shake the feeling that there was something different.

Anyway what have you been up to lately senpai?

“Oh, nothing, really. Just settling into my new place. I always find something new to unpack whenever I look… And I have no idea where I put my guitar.”

“How about you, Rise-chan?”

You moved? Really? Where to?

/Rise was surprised, she hoped it wasn’t too far. Souji would have been sad if he moved far away.

Huh Souji didn’t tell me that. I didn’t know you play guitar either senpai.

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